Exam season survival guide for parents

Planning and Organising

If you’ve got a teen doing their GCSE’s or A levels and they haven’t started their revision yet, now is a good time for them to start making a revision plan. Being a last minute person myself and thriving on a bit of pressure I can understand the ones who are being very laid back about it all at the moment, but when they go back to school after Easter the pressure will be on. They will have had their exam timetable by now so will know when their first exam is (usually middle of May). So here is a simple revision timetable template they can start using with some instructions about how to turn their subjects into topics, and how to prioritise the important stuff first. Here’s a video too with some guidance on filling in your revision template.

Revising in a way that works for them

They might be freaking out about ‘HOW’ to revise and be bombarded by all the different ways their friends are doing it, or be making lots and lots of notes and feel like nothing is going in, or just not know where to start. We all have different ways of learning stuff and remembering information to have a look at this memory styles sheet with them and see which one they relate to mostly, try it for yourself too. It may be that they identify strongly with one or be a mix of them all. It doesn’t matter, it’s just about coming up with ways to revise that makes sense to them and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing.
Also good to think about what’s the best conditions for them to study best? What time of day are they at their best? Do they like it quiet or have music on? How often do they need brakes? What’s their biggest distractions????
The Easter holidays is a good time to experiment with this all this to see what works best for them.

Looking after their mind, body and soul at exam time

This is the most important part in my opinion. The stuff I’ve talked about so far can’t happen if their health and happiness is not in a good place. We can’t give ourselves the best shot at anything if we’re stressed, tired, hungry, bored or unhappy. So I look at 4 areas with them – Food, exercise, relaxation and fun. Getting a balance of it all is the key. Here are some tips and ideas about how you can help your child be at their best not just at exam time, but all of the time. And as I always say – ‘the advice we give to our kids is the advice we need to give ourselves too’……

Download here Feeding your brain at exam time

Download here Exercise at exam time

Download here Relaxation at exam time

Download here Playtime at exam time


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