‘Full participation in modern society and the workplace already demands increasingly high levels of digital competence and that process can only continue into a future that we cannot imagine.’

[Successful Futures, 2015]

Digital Competence is one of the cross-curricular responsibilities, alongside literacy and numeracy. This means that, during their time at Radyr Comprehensive School, our learners will develop their digital competence skills to prepare them for examinations, further study and the world of work.

The Welsh Government’s Digital Competence Framework, found here, sets out all the skills learners are expected to develop throughout their time in Key Stages 3 (Progression Steps 3 and 4) and 4 (Progression Steps 4 and 5).

Learners in Key Stages 3 and 4 are also supported in developing their skills through our Digital Competence Toolkit resources, available below. Here, learners will find resources to support their digital skills development and frequent challenges from companies such as Adobe that they can participate to build their expertise and maybe even win a prize!

Pupils with additional learning needs are supported in their digital competence development as part of our aim to be a fully inclusive school. Click here for more information about the school’s ALN provision.

The following resources are provided:

masterclass videos designed to support learners’ digital skills;

links to useful resources designed to be used by learners or parents/guardians

access to challenges for learners to develop their digital skills and have the chance to win prizes

Pupils can feel free to use these during lessons and at home to support their learning. Of course, if parents/guardians would like to build their own digital skills, these would also be a great start for you!