Digital Competence is not the same as “being good at computers”! Someone can spend all their spare time using a computer to play games or chat with their friends but they won’t develop digital competence. Of course, digital competence starts with an interest in technology but it is so much more than playing games – it sets the groundwork for learners to have the skills to succeed in school and to prepare for the world of work.

As a parent/guardian, you play an enormous role in your child’s learning by setting expectations, nurturing curiosity, and encouraging a love of learning. You don’t need to be a computer expert to support them in developing their digital skills! The best thing you could do is to talk with your child, show an interest in their studies and encourage them to use technology in different ways. For example:

  • Instead of “just” playing a computer game, could they create something in the game, such as a level, building or even a fully functioning machine? Through Hwb, all students are able to access Minecraft for Education – people have even created fully-functional computer circuits using this!
  • Are they making good choices online? Show an interest in what they do online, encouraging them to make safe choices – the internet is anvast place, after all
  • Are they using the most suitable technology for a given task? Here at Radyr Comprehensive School, we strive to use free/open source software to allow our learners. Ask them what software they’re using in school, and suggest how they can use it for other things

If you have any questions about how you can support your child’s digital competence development, please email Mr Jones on