We hope you choose to continue your studies beyond GCSE, because the qualifications you can achieve will open up more opportunities for you – in Higher Education or in the Workplace.

Traditionally, we are a school that achieves high standards for its students, both academically and in encouraging personal development. An important part of Sixth Form life is the wealth of opportunity for students to develop and extend their experience, assume responsibility, demonstrate initiative and involvement both in the School and the wider community.

The main courses offered are GCE A Levels and GCE AS Levels although some BTEC programmes are also available. Most students will study 4 AS Levels (or equivalent) in Year 12 although, for some, a 3 AS programme (or equivalent) will be deemed more appropriate.

In addition to taking these chosen AS Level, A Level and BTEC courses, all students will also follow a core programme designed to:

  • broaden the traditionally narrow British 16+ curriculum;
  • develop a range of key skills and study skills to prepare them better for higher education and employment;
  • lead to certification (equivalent to A Level) within the framework of the Welsh Baccalaureate.

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